Canvas & boards


Acid free, 340gsm canvas, environmentally friendly cotton duck, acrylic titanium triple primed, gallery style corners, single row back stapled, wooden stretcher keys, 30 x 36mm paulownia wood frame, shrink wrapped.

CSDT2025 MMI 4.50
CSDT2530 MMI 5.50
CSDT3030 MMI 7.20 7.20
CSDT3040 MMI 8.85
CSDT3060 MMI 11.90 11.90
CSDT4012 MMI 18.75
CSDT4050 MMI 12.40 12.40
CSDT4545 MMI 12.40 12.36
CSDT4590 MMI 21.30 21.30
CSDT5060 MMI 16.95
CSDT6060 MMI 19.70
CSDT6075 MMI 22.40 22.40
CSDT6090 MMI 26.80
CSDT9012 MMI 41.85
CSDT9090 MMI 36.55

Acid free, 380 canvas, 100% cotton duck, high density weave, triple coated universal primer, mitred corners, double row back stapled. Sizes over 60cm include bracing, wooden stretcher keys. 18 x 38mm paulownia wood frame, kiln dried stretcher bars. Great range of sizes, shrink wrapped.

CMST2025 MMI 4.95
CMST3030 MMI 7.95
CMST3060 MMI 11.95
CMST4012 MMI 23.30
CMST4040 MMI 9.45
CMST5060 MMI 17.95 17.95
CMST6060 MMI 18.95
CMST6075 MMI 23..95
CMST6090 MMI 24.95
M.M. CANVAS S.T. 50.8X60.9CM
M.M. CANVAS S.T. 60.9X60.9CM
M.M. CANVAS S.T. 60.9X76.2CM
M.M. CANVAS S.T. 60.9X91.4CM

Mont Marte Double Thick canvases feature a 38mm deep frame that offers a contemporary clean edge look with no further framing required. Triple coated with universal primer and ready to be painted on. This series is suitable for moderate application of paint and light collage techniques. Used by professionals and students.